European Quarterly of

Political Attitudes and Mentalities

ISSN 2285 - 4916 ISSN-L 2285 - 4916

Published: 25 January 2022

EQPAM Volume 11, Issue No. 1, January 2022

Table of contents:

"Perception of Participation in Public Affairs of Citizens of San Luis, Argentina"

by Sergio Ricardo Quiroga pages: 1-27

"Israeli Resilience and the COVID-19 Pandemic: National Habitus, State Actions and Politics "

by Alon Helled pages: 28-54

10th anniversary of the political methodology and political culture interdisciplinary research journal

European Quarterly of Political Attitudes and Mentalities

ISSN 2285 - 4916 ISSN-L 2285 - 4916

EQPAM has been founded in 2012 in the Project PNII-IDEI/WE_PN-II-ID-WE-2012-4-046/2012 and has been ever since issued by the European Research Group on Political Attitudes and Mentalities (EPAM) jointly with European Political Culture Association (since 2016) and European Research Center for Political Culture Analysis & Modelling (since 2016) on the website provided by the University of Bucharest. Ever since, EQPAM has published research papers by faculty members from universities all over Europe and the world, with a special emphasis on the Eastern European universities and research centers, and with a special focus on the research works of master, doctoral and post-doctoral fellows, young research scientists, and also famous scholars who have collaborated with the journal.

As Founder and Editor-in-Chief, I wish to thank you for your contributions as Members of the Honorary Advisory Board and Editorial Board, to thank Authors for writing and revising their papers, and to thank Reviewers for their peer-review evaluations in the past 10 years!

To celebrate EQPAM's 10th anniversary we will host a series of four Special Issues during 2022 with contributions (research papers as well as book reviews) from our areas of disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies at the border between political methodology, political culture, political theory, political analysis, political sociology, political psychology, cognitive science, and the sciences of the artificial and computing, mathematics and statistics, social networks and communication.

Your contributions are most welcome!

Papers and contributions can be submitted anytime until September 2022 and will be peer-reviewed and published in our issues of January, April, Junly and October 2022.

Thank you all for your collaboration!

With my best wishes,

Camelia Florela Voinea

EQPAM is a open-access, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary research journal published by the European Research Center for Political Culture (EPCAM), European Research Group on Political Attitudes and Mentalities (EPAM), and European Political Culture Association (EPCA) .
EQPAM publishes original research papers in interdisciplinary areas approaching both theoretical and methodological issues in political science and political methodology. Interdisciplinary approaches on political culture issues which combine political methodology issues with big data and web technologies, computational modeling and agent-based simulation are most welcome.
EQPAM acknowledges the contribution of the Faculty of Political Science, University of Bucharest, in providing web server and file space for this journal.Published quarterly since 2012, at the end of January, April, July and October.

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