Call for Papers:

"COVID-19 Impact on political participation in the Eastern European countries"

Theme: The COVID-19 social and political phenomenology becomes the subject for intensive research concerning not only the health aspects, but also governance and public policy, political and social organization, political participation. The collective perceptions of COVID-19 impact are still "in the make" and they penetrate the individual and mass political attitudes toward the governance and political leadership, polity and society, culture. Web space becomes a space of communication and solidarity more than ever before in spite of the dangers and limits of the socialization networks. This special issue aims at identifying the major themes of this phenomenology, the major shifts at societal and political levels of our world.

Areas of research: political culture, political participation, citizenship, smart cities, contentious politics, Internet and socializing networks, social media, social networks, big data, emotions and emoticons, sentiment analysis, discourse analysis, political power and political leadership, elite, community, resource management.

Types of research approaches: fundamental and applicative, conceptual and methodological, qualitative and quantitative, methodological (survey analysis; agent-based modelling and simulation);

Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary papers are most welcome!

Deadline: continuous submission.

Submissions should be addressed to:

[Delivered today: 28 September 2020]