Instructions for the Authors

Manuscript Submission

Manuscripts will be submitted as .doc(x) files (MS WORD files) to the e-mail address: .

Authors will upload a single .doc/.docx file containing the complete text of the paper and eventually mathematical formulas and symbols, indicating also the positions of the images, tables, graphs, charts, etc. The associated data and images will be sent in separate files: images, charts and graphical representations will be sent as JPEG or PNG files; data tables will be sent as .docx or .xls files.

For research articles, essays or experimental research papers, the length should not exceed max. 20 pages in MS Word, A4 format (1.5 spaced) or max. 10,000 words, including text, formulas, tables, graphical representations, charts, and images. An Article Manuscripts will include the title of the paper, the full contact address of the Corresponding Author and affiliation(s) of the (co-)author(s), an abstract of max. 300 words, a max. number (5) of keywords, text sections’ and subsections’ appropriate numbering, eventually mathematical formulas, symbols and figures, tables and charts - each with appropriate numbering.

Book Reviews

Books recommended for reviews must be sent to the EQPAM Editorial Office either by e-mail (if .pdf file available) or by ordinary post at the contact address.

A book review text length should not exceed max. 1,000 words.

For Book Presentations (Book Promotions), the text length should not exceed 200 words. A book presentation should briefly describe the subject, the author, the editor(s).

Each kind of Manuscript will have associated to it a short personal presentation (max. 300 words) of the Corresponding Author and of each of the co-authors. An Author Personal Presentation includes: name, affiliation, current position, research interest, contact address.

Manuscript Editing Style

The EQPAM follows Chicago style for text, formulas, tables and figures. An online Chicago style guide is available at the address: .

Publishing Calendar

The European Quarterly on Political Attitudes and Mentalities (EQPAM) publishes one volume of research articles every year. Each annual volume has four issues. Research articles may be individual papers, group papers or collection of papers which approach the same research theme. EQPAM Issues are published as follows:

25th January

25th April

25th July

25th October

Manuscripts may be submitted at any time.

Evaluation of submitted papers may take from 1 month up to 2-3 months, depending on the peer-review process. Upon receiving the acceptance, the Author(s) will be noticed in 24 hours about the volume's and issue's number in which their article will appear.


The submitted manuscript must specify the name and the e-mail address of the Contact Author. The Contact Author will receive the correspondence from the EQPAM concerning the submitted paper, the evaluation stage and result(s) and the paper acceptance/rejection. The Contact Author must immediately inform the EQPAM Editorial Board about any changes concerning the contact address.